Partner Zone

Board of direction

The Board of Directors consists of citizens involved in their communities, administrators in the health and social services system as well as clinicians. The composition of the Board is intended to achieve parity between men and women, while ensuring the best possible representation of the different parts of each territory.

Members of the Board of Directors

Mr. Perry Calce, administrator, Concordia University - CO-OPTED
Ms. Anne-Marie Chiquette, lawyer - CO-OPTED
Mr. John D'Andrea, social worker - MULTIDISCIPLINARY COUNCIL
Ms. Marleen Dehertog, midwife and administrator - COUNCIL OF MIDWIVES
Ms. Johanne Grondin, nursing consultant - COUNCIL OF NURSES
Ms. Nirvishi Jawaheer, owner-pharmacist - CO-OPTED
Mr. Abd-El-Kader Khemili, administrator - USERS' COMMITTEE
Mrs. Nicole Lacelle, sociologist - CO-OPTED
Ms. Josée S. Lafond, vice-dean, Faculté des sciences humaines, Université du Québec à Montréal - UNIVERSITY
Mrs. Claire-Isabelle Mauffette, manager, private holdings companies - POPULATION
Mr. Jean-René Morin, health and social services assistant - NON-CLINICAL STAFF
Mrs. Louise Poirier, dean, Faculté des sciences de l'éducation, Université de Montréal - UNIVERSITY
Mr. André Poulin, executive director, Destination Centre-ville - CO-OPTED
Mr. Denis Sirois, executive director, CDEC Centre-Nord, president - AGENCE
Mr. Marc Sougavinski, executive director, CSSS de la Montagne, secretary
Dr. Nicolas Steinmetz, physician, vice-président - FONDATION
Mrs. Françoise Taub, retired - USERS' COMMITTEE
Mrs. Wendy Thomson, director, School of social work, McGill University, AGENCE
Mr. Daniel Tougas, chartered accountant, treasurer - CO-OPTED
Mr. Nizam Uddin, court interpreter - CO-OPTED
Dr. Jean Zigby, physician, CPDP