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Palliative home care

When a cure is no longer possible, the palliative care team at the Centre de santé et de services sociaux (CSSS) de la Montagne can help people at the end of life and their families have the best possible experience in this stage at home. The team members work to relieve the symptoms of the disease and the associated discomforts. They also set up adequate services in addition to providing social and emotional support. 

Our specialized team in palliative care

  • Nursing care, including a 24 hour service
  • Follow-up by a psychologist for the patient and the caregivers.
  • Social worker follow-up 

Other Professionals Available

If needed, homecare team professionals can be involved in the service plan: 

  • Help for bathing and comfort
  • Evaluation for home adaptation
  • Nutrition follow-up
  • Physiotherapy exercises 

Medical follow-up

A homecare physician can be involved in some sectors of the CSSS territory for those patients who do not have regular follow-up.

Help with activities of daily living

Assistance for activities such as dressing or for some domestic chores are available according to certain criteria.

Admission criteria for palliative home care

  • Diagnosis of a terminal stage illness with a less than one year prognosis
  • Residence within the territory served by CSSS de la Montagne 


Our palliative care team works closely with hospitals and Palliative Care Units in the Montreal area. We are also working with organizations such as NOVA Montreal, The Palliative Society of Greater Montreal, the Jacques Bouchard Foundation and the Michel Bernard Foundation. 

Who can make a request?

  • Hospital
  • Treating physician
  • CLSC professional
  • Patient or family 

For more information

Palliative Home Care Team

514-731-8531, ext. 8346

Fax: 514-731-3532

Palliative care program (Pamphlet)