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Intermediate resource

What is an intermediate resource?

An intermediate resource is a private business affiliated with a public health institution, in this case the CSSS de la Montagne, which is responsible for the quality of care.

The resource is called “intermediate” because it is a form of residential environment suited to the needs of people whose health no longer permits them to live at home but who do not require the constant supervision of a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD). For example, nursing care is not provided in the evening or at night in an intermediate resource.

The clientele

Seniors and other adults experiencing a moderate loss of autonomy who need help in their everyday activities. The request must be submitted by a social worker.

Services offered

o        By the intermediate resource:

o       Assistance services by attendants, 24 hours a day

o       Meal service

o       Housekeeping and laundering of bedding and clothing

o       Recreational activities

o        By the CSSS de la Montagne:

o       Professional health services

Intermediate resources affiliated with the CSSS de la Montagne:

Ressource de la Montagne (112 rooms)

7001 Parc Avenue


Le Manoir Renaissance (20 rooms)

5995 Dolbeau