Partner Zone

Home care

Our professionals evaluate your home situation, bearing in mind your capacities and resources and those of the people around you. If necessary, other professionals are asked to give their expertise to develop the best possible service plan for you.

Our CSSS professionals can offer advice about the most appropriate services provided by the CSSS or our community partners. The professionals act as resource persons to guide you through the health system.

If necessary, the CSSS de la Montagne provides home care services to people with decreased independence who can no longer get around outside.


The nurse delivers the appropriate care and, if needed, coordinates the service plan. She provides information that will help users develop healthy lifestyle habits to prevent illness and have a better quality of life.

The health and social services auxiliary provides care to clients who are vulnerable or dependent on others for their activities of daily living such as getting up, eating, dressing and washing. The role of the auxiliary is to help clients maintain and improve their level of health and quality of life.

The psychosocial worker assesses clients’ needs and, if needed, coordinates the service plan. The psychosocial worker helps clients adapt to their environment and cope with difficult situations. She accompanies and supports clients and their loved ones through various steps involving a request for accommodation, an application for the institution of protective supervision, etc.

The occupational therapist uses adaptive technologies to mitigate a loss of independence. For example, she suggests home adaptation solutions to make daily activities  easier.

The physiotherapist aims to maintain and even improve a client’s mobility. She helps ward off a loss of independence in people confined to their homes or susceptible to falls. She recommends the necessary aids for getting around safely.

The nutritionist makes sure that the energy requirements are met through a balanced diet, while bearing in mind the person’s dietary preferences, restrictions and habits.